The home alarm security system provides profound peace of mind while you are outside of the house. As you know that it is capable of detecting any kind of irregularities or intruders and functions properly. But what about your pets? They loiter freely in your house in your absence.

Fortunately, alarms with advanced technology can easily differentiate the pet and intruders. This feature is dependent on sensors and especially there is no need to pay extra. One can simply install this sensor in his old alarm system.

Pets like dogs or a cat wander around your house while in your absence or you are sleeping. Especially cats jump on the floors or climb curtains. But there is no need to worry because we will cover such circumstances.

Pet-Friendly Sensors

Almost every advanced home alarm system comes with integrated PIR (passive infra-red) sensors. This sensor is functioned for detecting body heat. You may notice such types of sensors in sci-fi or futuristic movies. PIR sensors are capable of scanning a room constantly to make difference between body heat.

Besides covering a larger area, a person also gives off more infrared energy in comparison with an average pet and a human also stands taller. Specifically, a PIR sensor measures this parameter and easily differentiate the human and the pet.

Pets of Big Size That Love to Explore

If you don’t like to enclose your pets while you are sleeping or out of the house you can try the following steps:

  • Door and Window Contacts: You can function your alarm system by installing this sensor so that the alarm will trigger only when a door or a window will open. There is no need for PIR detectors.
  • Glass Break Detectors: This type of detector works according to its name. Thanks to the frequency of the glass breaking sound because it works by detecting the sound and making the alarm triggered.
  • Smart Alarms: It is a great alternative system. It is also known as camera PIRs. It comes a little more expensive than the ordinary PIR sensors. It works by snapping snapshots or a series of snapshots and simply send them to your phone. Then you can easily take steps to handle the situation. But you have to install an app to use this system.


There is always the option to disarm or re-arm the system by remote. In addition, it resists your alarm of blaring out for 10-20 minutes.

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