About Access Control System:

Nowadays, it becomes evident that Access control becomes a crucial thing for every IT folk and it is very important for physical security. It is not a so-called access control in the information technology world. Access Control performs the job of physical and information security and it has some selective restriction of access of a place. Authorisation means seeking permission to access an area. Let’s try to understand with a simple example-  here the lock of a door means Access Control. The key of the lock gives the keyholder access(authorisation) to the room. And username and password are the same things related to access control.


Use of Access Control for Business and Commercial Property

Throughout the world, security remains the prime concern for business owners. It is the security that protects the property, employees, customers of a business holder from any fraud or theft. The advanced access control system is absolutely efficient to take care of businesses and ensures the safety and minimises the risk of theft. There are some potential access control tools that can scan fobs or keycards, swipe card systems, keypads with the specific access codes and the biometric system which can easily identify physical characteristics like a hand or more precisely the fingerprints and so on. Hence the technology becomes advanced day by day; so along with it, the security system needs to be upgraded to ensure all kinds of incumbent threats.

Even all the access control systems are made equally. On the basis of service and system, one has to decide either to choose total remote cloud-based options or time clock based employee integrated system or even a specialised software.


Should one use the Access Control system?

It all depends on one’s security needs. The best way is to evaluate properly security norms, chances of damages and every possible circumstance that may appear in future.


Important factors:

  • Location of all one’s facility’s entrance and exit.
  • Think about any suspicious features that may cause a security alert like walls, excess windows, anything else.
  • Count the numbers of employees, vendors and customers.
  • The total frequency of incoming and outgoing employees, customers and vendors.
  • Potential targets like valuable products, assets, cash or sensitive information.
  • Surveillance on restricted areas.


Considering the above factors one can easily understand that what kind of security he or she needs? After evaluating all the parameters if one does not feel much danger then he/she can stick to the ordinary swipe card access method. And it will be a cost-cutting method for those who demand low-security needs. In this scenario loss of card or fob might happen which causes worries that the swipe cards may fall into wrong hands. Finally, if one’s security needs more serious measures then one can go for biometric options which have no chance of misidentification.


About Future Plan:

When comes to the matter of security one should think about the present as well as the future. If any businessman has the probability to expand in future at some point then it will be easy for him/her to upgrade security by installing the flexible system and  It will save both time and money in the long run rather than buying an access control system that matches one’s particular needs and purchasing and installing the second system again.