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Alarm System Sydney – Your Security Depends On It, is one of Australia’s foremost alarm and security product manufacturers and installation specialists, providing leading anti-burglary and defence technology to homes, offices, warehouses and vehicles throughout the country.

Based in Sydney, Alarm System Sydney provides a wide range of professional alarmsecurity and asset defence equipment, alarm maintenance services and security system repair to those based in and around the city.

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The Alarm System Sydney promise:

  • Alarm System Sydney will maintain their reputation as one of Sydney’s fastest Alarm Response Services
  • Alarm System Sydney will continue to conduct extensive product research as a means to enhance the security of our customers’ homes, offices and tertiary assets.
  • Alarm System Sydney customers will always benefit from industry-leading security technology
  • Alarm System Sydney will strive to provide customers with a fast and cost-effective installation, maintenance and upgrade service at their earliest convenience.
  • Alarm System Sydney will ensure that your designated Professional is fully qualified and insured to carry out their specific duties
  • Alarm System Sydney’ products and installations are backed by a 2-year warranty to ensure long-term protection.

, Alarm System Sydney specialises in Alarm Backup battery and Power supply installationmaintenance and upgrades.To ensure your alarm and security systems are performing at their best, it is highly recommended that you have your systems serviced at least once a year for domestic properties and at least every six months for commercial properties.

Should you require more information about the Alarm System Sydney product range or our services, please don ’t hesitate to contact us and one of our knowledgeable technicians will be more than happy to help.

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