Alarm System Sydney is available to implement professional alarm and security system maintenance and repairs throughout Sydney and the surrounding suburbs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We highly recommend that your alarms and security systems are serviced at least once a year, if you’re a domestic customer, and most insurance companies will insist on at least two annual inspections for commercial customers.

However, and regardless of your insurance cover and what you could claim back in the event of a break-in, regularly maintaining your alarm and security systems will allow for the utmost peace of mind because you can rest easy knowing that your systems are working at their optimum.

Alarm System Sydney can arrange to have scheduled maintenance carried out at a time of your choosing, or you can simply organise to have a once off inspection carried out at your convenience. To arrange for a qualified Professional to inspect your alarm or security systems, please call us on 1300 007 684 and one of our friendly representatives will help you to make an appointment. Alternatively, you can email us at any time via or by lodging an electronic enquiry on our contact form.

If your third party alarm systems become faulty at any point, the integrity of your home or office security will diminish and, as a result, you will be unprotected from potential theft. Many alarm and security system providers will ask that you wait up to 10 days before any work can be carried out – so call Alarm System Sydney as soon as you notice the problem and we will endeavour to have the problem resolved within at least 2 business days. We usually aim to have alarms and security systems repaired on the same day, but depending on your location and the time of your call, we may only be able to reach you within 48 hours.

In the unlikely event that your HILLS or Networx system fails, please contact us immediately and we will arrange to have the situation under control as soon as possible. If the unit in question is still within the 2-year warranty period, it will be replaced or repaired, free of charge.

Regardless of the situation at hand, rest assured that any of our technicians, sent to investigate the issue, will arrive fully equipped to handle and repair your security problems, on the spot.

Call Alarm System Sydney today on 1300 007 684 to arrange your repairs or simply send us an email via, where one of our expert technicians will be able to provide the assistance you need.You can also reach us via our online contact form 24 hours a day.