Backup Alarm Battery Packs:

Many Australians, and people throughout the world, for that matter, don’t tend to invest a great deal of time into replacing or servicing their alarm systems’ backup batteries.

Backup batteries are in place for a number of reasons – most experienced burglars know that in order to gain entry into a given premises, without the alarm sounding, would require that the main power to the building be cut off. If an auxiliary battery does not back the alarm system up, for that particular building, the alarm would not function.

As such, most modern-day alarm systems are supported by an external battery pack that kicks in and lasts for up to 8 hours in the event of a power cut.

With that in mind, the majority of successful burglaries that take place within Australia, are successful simply because the owner of the property in question failed to replace or service the backup battery pack. The burglar simply cuts the power to the building and, with it, shuts down the alarm system.

It is crucial that you have your backup battery or auxiliary power supplies regularly inspected and replaced if they begin to lose their charge. As with all batteries, particularly larger battery packs, they do not tend to hold their charge for years upon years. Instead, they perform at their optimum for only one or two, depending on the brand, after which their strength and ability to function begins to diminish.

Arrange a battery replacement or upgrade service from as little as $185.00 including GST!

Alarm System Sydney strongly recommends that you have your backup batteries inspected at least once a year, for your simple home alarm systems, and most insurance companies ask that you have an inspection at least once every six months for your commercial properties.

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Power Supply Services

It is not rare for electrical faults to take place in and around your property – these can come about as a result of bad weather, floods, pests, DIY accidents and a wide range of other events.

If you feel that your alarm system’s power supply may have been jeopardised, for any reason, please contact Alarm System Sydney as soon as possible and we will arrange to have one of our technicians inspect your property, your alarm system and your property’s surrounding electrical systems.

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