Back-To-Base monitoring involves setting up a specific BTB alarm or security system, which is then monitored, 24 hours a day by a number of Alarm System Sydney security specialists.

With the advent of Back-To-Base monitoring, customers can enjoy newfound freedoms when it comes to going on vacation, or leaving their properties empty at any given time – in the event that an intruder attempts to enter the property, your respective Alarm System Sydney security personnel would detect the violation before any harm can come to your property and take the appropriate action.

In most cases where a burglar has tried to gain entry to a protected building, an armed response guard would be dispatched, and the police notified of the infringement. As such, any potential thieves wishing to break into your property would be more easily dissuaded when they are made aware of your Back-To-Base alarm system.

Your personal Back-To-Base monitoring team will also make you aware of any situations regarding intruders or the performance of your system, such as low battery notifications, keypad service requests and potential faults on the system or its power supply.

As such, Back-To-Base monitoring is one of the most effective means of civil property protection available in Australia.

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By having a qualified Alarm System Sydney professional install and maintain your Back-To-Base monitoring systems, coupled with fitting an approved HILLS or Networx BTB system, you can rest assured that your property will employ some of the highest security measures Australia has to offer. As a direct result, your property will automatically become less appealing to any potential burglars or thieves.