Sydney’s Trusted Hills Alarms Installation, Repair and Maintenance Specialist.

Coupled with the 4,000+ state-of-the-art alarm and security products supplied by Alarm System Sydney, we also offer customers a diverse range of related installationmaintenance, repair and upgrade services. It is our aim to ensure that your HILLSNetworx products and a wide range of third party systems are working at their best.

Alarm System Sydney is available to help with emergency maintenance and repairs, 24 hours a day!

Thieves and Burglars are continually developing their knowledge of properties’ potential weak points – a faulty, old or under-performing security system could be just the invitation they need.

By installing an effective HILLS or Networx security product in your home, office, garage or warehouse, you are sure to see an improvement to your security and thereby enhance the safety of your family, finances and personal belongings.

We can install seamless communications and remote access security technology in your home or office so that you, or our back-to-base monitoring stations can keep a watchful eye over your most valuable assets, from a distance.

Regardless of who installed your existing systems, or how old they may be, a qualified, Hills Alarm System Sydney professional can tend to your defence issues and re-establish your property’s security, quickly and cost-effectively.

Have your Networx4, Networx8, Networx12 or Networx16 system installed and maintained by a qualified professional, today.

With a standard Alarm System Sydney service callout fee of just $185.00 including GST for the first half hour, and just $70.00 for every 30 minutes thereafter, we are arguably the best value-for-money alarm service provider in Sydney.

Alarm System Sydney’ professionals are qualified and arrive fully equipped to effectively implement the following services:

  • Alarm Installation
  • Alarm and Security System Upgrades
  • Alarm Maintenance and Repair
  • Access Control Installation
  • Back-to-base Monitoring
  • Backup Battery and Power Supply Installation, Upgrades and Maintenance

Being kept awake at night by a beeping alarm?

A constantly beeping alarm is not only an irritation to you and your family, but it also sends a very inviting message to potential thieves.

As with most things in life, due care and attention can ensure that your alarm and security systems are working at their best.

Don’t let burglars and thieves think that they can take chances because of a faulty system, so let a qualified, Alarm System Sydney Professional pay you a visit to restore your home or office’s security.

If you find that your alarm is being activated by your pets, Alarm System Sydney stocks a new range of Pet-proof motion detectors, which are specifically designed to ignore motion signals given off by animals within the house.

Keypad service messages and errors

If your home, office or warehouse’s alarm systems indicate that they are in need of a service, don’t let the opportunity pass to have one of our professional technicians tend to your property.

If you are unsure as to what your Keypad is indicating, please call or contact us as soon as possible so that we can go about implementing the relevant service.

You can reach us on 1300 007 684 or simply fill in our contact form by clicking here.

Potential thieves and burglars can often abuse ignorance and negligence to break into your home or office, so please keep an eye on your keypad.

Backup Batteries and Power Supply faults

Backup Batteries are your home, office and warehouse’s first defence when it comes to a power failure. A well-maintained battery can effectively sustain your property’s security for up to 8 hours in the event of a power cut.

With that, burglars and thieves will often assume that your system’s Backup battery has not been regularly serviced or recently replaced and, as such, simply turn off your power and allow themselves access to your property.

Don’t allow it – have your Backup battery regularly serviced to minimise the risk of a break-in.

We highly recommend that domestic properties have their Backup power supplies serviced at least once every twelve months. For commercial properties, most insurance companies will insist on you having your security systems serviced at least once every six months.

Faulty smoke detectors

A burglar alarm can save you from a lot of financial and emotional strain by reducing the possibility of forced entry and a successful theft. A smoke alarm, on the other hand, is designed to save your life.

If your smoke alarms or detectors are faulty or starting to function incorrectly, you are less likely to be protected when the time comes for them to perform as they should.

Regularly servicing your home, office or warehouse’s smoke detection systems is a sure-fire way to maintain your safety and reduce the risk of losing everything… including your life.

Please contact us immediately if you feel that your smoke alarms are not doing what they were designed to do.

If you have any questions about the services offered by Alarm System Sydney, please feel free to call us at any time on
1300 007 684 or simply fill in our online contact form. One of our trusted, professional representatives will be more than happy to help.